X-tractor Golf Ball Pickup

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x-tractor golf ball pick up

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Eliminate awkward bending with the X-tractor Golf Ball Pickup Tool. Made from strong, durable PC/ABS, the material of construction is optimally suited. The simple, yet effective design is engineered for repeated use, and the anchoring system provides a secure, solid base. Best of all, it's fun to use!

Guaranteed - If you have any issues with your X-tractor, we'll replace it for free!

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x-tractor golf ball pick up

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x-tractor golf ball pick up


Great for retrieving ball with flag in

This is the best putter retriever I have found. I’ve been using one for over a month and it is great. At our club most people now leave the flag in while putting. This retriever goes right down beside the flag and easily grabs the ball. No need to remove the flag. Really speeds up the round. When I saw that the X-Tractor is now available on Amazon, I immediately order another one for my other putter.
  —  Amazon

X-tractor ball retriever is #1!

The X-tractor is simply the best ball retriever I’ve found. It is fastened to the putter with an oversized screw, so it doesn’t fall off in the bottom of my golf bag. It is designed to retrieve a ball while the pin is still in, and it works wonderfully. Also, it can be used if the pin is out. I haven’t liked anything on the end of the putter before, but the X-tractor doesn’t make using the putter uncomfortable. It is the #1 ball retriever, in my opinion!
Steven J Reed
  —  Amazon

Works Wonderfully

Was kinda hopeful this product would work, bought 3 of them for self and two golfing partners. We have been using daily for a few weeks and they work great! Easily retrieves the ball from the cup and securely holds it until you take the ball out of the retriever. Really pleased with this product.
David Buys
  —  Amazon

Fabulous Golf Accessory

Love this tool — it’s a lot easier to use than I expected.
  —  Amazon
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Also Available in Pink!

Pink X-Tractor Golf Ball Pick Up
X-tractor Golf Pick Up

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A proven favorite! If you want to provide your customers with The Best Pick, With or Without the Stick, contact us for wholesale options.

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